Our long experience in combination with the professional equipment we possess, make PAIAN one of the most competitive companies in the area of snow removal and road de-icing services. 

In 2008, we had the opportunity to cooperate with one of the largest construction companies in Greece, providing our services for the completion of the project "Maintenance and Operations Support of Parnassos Ski Center". 

Since then, equipped with machinery of latest technology and specifications, we have successfully undertaken the de-icing of complex road networks in many Prefectures of Greece, offering by this way the fastest possible restoration of the road network, the performance of the circulation and maximum satisfaction of the needs of residents, holidaymakers and all nearby tourist infrastructure such as ski resorts, hotels, market.

In order to fulfill our long-term objective to enhance our company's positioning and optimize our snow removal and road de-icing services, we keep our continuous effort to update our know-how and enrich our professional experience, while at the same time we aim at improving our equipment through the acquisition of more sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology.

The perfect ski slopes constitute the public image of the Ski Center. Therefore, our main goal is always to achieve the best snow groomed slopes, so that the users of the ski center can find every day wide and flattened slopes with smooth surface.

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Thesta P.C. undertakes a) beach cleaning caused by waste which have been accumulated at coasts, either transported by the sea, intense rainfalls, or carelessness of tourists and b) leveling-flattening and formulation of the beaches with special vehicles at a large surface.

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Thesta P.C. is a full-service company that undertakes landscaping and hardscaping projects both for the Public and Private Sector.
Our vision is the creation of unique sites that exceed our customers’ expectations and add value to the environment.

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